alternative green heating – infra-red heat emitting fleece

In an analogy of the architectural design process, we have now completed the “conceptual” stage in designing for our sustainable future, and next we have to delve deeply and quickly into the “design development stage” of green design and clean green technologies’ (Spector, A)

In a response to the desperate need for more efficient methods of heating our homes and offices, Astec International have developed a new way of maximising the distribution of heat, and thus minimising the energy input required.


Ground breaking nanotechnology that uses micro-ceramic infused fleece to efficiently distribute heat with almost 100% energy efficiency. As the air is warmed indirectly, an ambient temperature is achieved as heat radiates from objects inside the room, heating the room more rapidly and efficiently than conventional systems by heating objects rather than circulating air. This creates additional benefits for allergy sufferers with a dramatic reduction in the movement of allergens.

The fleece neither emits microwave radiation nor causes atmospheric dehydration and is just 83 grams/m2. Therefore it can be installed behind plaster board, within wall and ceiling cavities, under floors, behind wallpaper, stuck to the wall and painted, free standing or hung like a picture. Temperature is controlled using a conventional thermostat.


• Ceilings and wall heating systems
• Anti-fungal heating
• Car seats and vehicle heating
• Hospitals
• Private households
• Government buildings
• Leisure industry
• Agricultural & horticultural
• Public transport
• Intelligent furniture and clothing


• Cutting Edge Green Technology
• Achieves 63% Reduction in CO2 Emissions
• Fantastic Energy Efficiency + Cost Savings
• Low DC Current Avoids 50hz Radiation
• Benefi ts for Allergy Suff erers
• Steady Warming of Objects & Surfaces

• Lightweight Product is Easy to Fit
• Retrofits into Old, Energy Wasteful Buildings
• Anti-Mould Heating Keeps Interiors Dry
• Low Maintenance Costs & Intrusion
• Flexible Product Across Many Applications
• Use with Solar, Wind & other Green Technology

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